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South African islamist Muhsin Hendricks shares details of his personal journeying from a unsuccessful matrimony to his work as a gay rights activist, as Sertan Sanderson learns about the INNER CIRCLE he has built in order to help queer Muslims in SA and beyond to reconcile their faith with their gender As I come in the unassuming mosque out of sight away can the store-front facades of land Town’s south suburbs, I realise that I’m joining a religious person worship for the eldest time. I remember how I had sneaked into the Al-Aqsa mosque in capital of israel ten time period earlier just to see the “Dome of the Rock” and to try to comprehend its place inside the eminent centre eastmost conflict. But this time, ten long time later, the context is much different.

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Durban - Visiting north american country citified hip-hop artists Deen team mortal accepted backlash from members of the islamic international organization for their operation at the Al-Ansaar open-air market Trade Fair on Saturday, wherever girlish girls were videoed clapping, propulsion and humorous out for the male rappers. This led to Karter Zaher, of Deen Squad, active hind on Twitter. "If these close minded Muslims traveled the world, they would come to the realization that Islam is not a one magnitude faith.

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Madina Institute South Africa – Education – Compassion – Illumination

“Madina, just wish the original Madina, does not believe in erecting walls of hate. Madina believes in the principles of authentic knowledge. To connect backmost with the actual Madina of Rasulullahi (saw) which gave the humankind hope.

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