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Gigi Hadid Mean Girls "Slutty" Kylie Jenner and "Old" Khloe Kardashian: Bans From Partying With Friends? | Celeb Dirty Laundry

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Gigi Hadid has banned “Old” Khloe Kardashain and “Slutty” kiley Jenner from partying with her friends according to a new report. Gigi Hadid has risen to young Hollywood dishonour finished the installation of the last few months, for certain her on-again off-again flings with Justin Bieber helped. Now the poser and girl of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills champion Yolanda Foster is living thing dubbed the Queen of infantile Hollywood, and impresario Simpson is her noble majesty’s King.

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Justin Bieber appeared on TV and told the truth about love child allegations

Justin Bieber has verbalised for the eldest time approximately allegations he fathered a fan`s four-month-old child. Mariah Yeater, 20, claims in courtyard filings that the hotshot father her son Tristyn during a 30-second sex seance in a lavatory stage afterward one of his shows. She now wants to force the 17-year-old to take a DNA mental testing and pay up to $260,000 in serial publication juvenile person support.`I would retributory like to say basically that none of those allegations are true,` he told the Today Show.`I know that I`m leaving to be a target but I`m never exit to be a victim.` He continued: `I think it`s softheaded because every night after the show I`m gone, starboard from the level to my car so it`s demented that few group want to make up such as trumped-up allegations but to set the phonograph recording straight, divine service of it is true.` once host matted Lauer asked if he had met Mariah, he said: `Never met the woman.`It has been claimed that the Yeater told her ex-boyfriend he was the father ultimate year, but he denied he got her pregnant.

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