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A new pedagogue paper slams two popular MTV television programs claiming that the shows present an unrealistic view of immature motherhood. The declaration comes afterward the creator of “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” said the shows have been called “one of the best public service campaigns to keep teen pregnancy.”As discussed in the diary , researchers present finding that so much teen mom shows actually leading viewers to trust that teen mothers someone an enviable character of life, a high financial gain and up to his neck fathers. This perception appears to be specially prevalent among predominant watcher of the programs and among teens who perceived realism television as realistic.“Heavy viewers of teenaged mom experience programs were more potential to suppose that teen moms have a lot of time to themselves, can easily find child forethought so that they can go to piece of work or period of time and can complete high school than were hoy viewers of such that shows,” write Drs. Frequent viewers of the programs too were more likely to think that teen moms person affordable coming to eudaemonia care, done with prison and lived on their own.“Our data telephony into interrogation the content of teenage mom actuality programming,” they added.“Heavy viewing of teenaged mom realness programming positively predicted phantasmagoric perceptions of what it is similar to be a teenaged mother.”Martins, the advantage author, and writer were unable to ask the 185 high schooling students surveyed just about intersexual behavior.

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Forget sex ed: Reality TV may hold the key to curbing teen pregnancy

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When the primary show came out in 2009, the blimpish Media explore Center groused that, with just 40 percent of teen mothers graduating high shoal and 66 percent of the families they start in poverty, MTV definite to show "how cool teen pregnancy is with a new reality series." Some of the teen moms featured in the series have go paper stars and one of them, Farrah Abraham, level gained notoriety for making a professionally produced sex tape. exemplary tales, sure, but mayhap not the right kind. spin-offs check in on the teenage moms and their kids.

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The Price of Teen Pregnancy and the Influence of Reality TV | Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Reality stars’ effect is not e'er the best, as proven by MTV’s classify of teen mothers, who generate publicity that frequently glamorizes teenaged pregnancy. Sadly, these stars sometimes individual more than wealth and repute and influence o'er teens than doctors, educators, businessmen and women. If your aspirations are to become renowned and modify tons of money, recognize that it is sometimes easier to accomplish these day by appearing on reality shows.

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