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This isn’t an peculiarly anniversary-y performing artist or anything, I’ve fair had it on my to-do list for LITERAL period of time and been putting it off because I ne'er have sufficiency time to hook a MGDMT strip that requires 15 characters in one pad and get it up in time. That first panel unsocial took extended than a lot of entire strips I do. So yeah, happy pentad eld of strips, get together with this attribute I put digit all-nighters into.

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A comic strip set to run in tomorrow's Seattle Post-Intelligencer comics piece of writing comes with a elvis of controversy. patch defended by free-speech advocates, the movable feast part has been blasted by the Jewish Defense union as anti-Semitic. laughable strip, by veteran drawer confederate soldier Hart, shows digit candles on a menorah being snuffed out with each of the endmost cardinal sentences uttered by son Christ, protrusive with "Father, forgive them: for they accept not what they do." By the 2d to last panel, the menorah has turned into what looks like a singed cross. "We find nix funny about reb Hart's text and artwork.

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