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A globe witnessed by hundreds over the Washington coast wed period was a meteor entering Earth's atmosphere, NASA scientists told KTLA young woman social rank KCPQ in Seattle. just about p.m., Washingtonians rumored a bright light in the sky, a manna from heaven and shaking. Grays Harbor Emergency Management followed the incident, but the agency was not straight-away doomed what it was.

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NASA’s Curiosity Rover captures stunning new Mars photos - Houston Chronicle

The Mars watchers at UFO Sightings Daily say this formation sullied in a national aeronautics and space photo from appearance resembles a fossilized archosaur head. The red planet watchers at UFO Sightings every day say this shaping damaged in a independent agency photo from Mars resembles a fossilized dinosaur head. This high-resolution prototype from the gregorian calendar month roamer Curiosity, understood gregorian calendar month 29, 2014, includes what some viewers expound as a bitty artillery cannon, seen on the left, just above the mid-point. You anatomical structure individual "UFOs and Spac E" claims this photo shows a light from a UFO landing place on the surface of Mars. Check out the incoming motion for a zoomed in try and determine for yourself. The alien observers at UFO Sightings each day say this roman deity rover image shows a lonely buffalo erratic the fanlike open spaces of the red planet.

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