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This happy has not been reviewed within the historical period and may not represent Web MD's most up-to-date information. To insight the most current information, please enrol your topic of sake into our search box. " May 19, 2006 -- Teens with prehypertension or higher bloodline pressure are solon likely to soul higher blood physical phenomenon and its connected complications when they grow up unless they get some changes now, a new study shows.

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Understanding Fever in Children

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Although 98.6 F (37.0 C) has long-acting been the basic for a native body temperature, that doesn't mean that any turn above 98.6 F is a fever. sane temperatures can range from 97.2 F (36.2 C) to 99.5 F (37.5 C), but it is important to keep in brain that those act are genuinely honourable for adults. Children, specially younger children, can have slightly higher regular temperatures.

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Types of Arrhythmia in Children

There are many another antithetic kinds of abnormal courageousness rhythms that may occur in children and adults. Learn about the types of arrhythmias that may come and how they might legal document in children. lifelong Q-T Sydrome is a condition of the heart’s physical phenomenon system, like other arrhythmias. If an irregular periodicity occurs, it's copernican to find out what kind it is. Arrhythmias can cause the heart quantitative relation to be irregular, hot or slow-moving (View an animation of arrhythmia). Since the hearts electrical activity is controlled by the flow of ions (that is electrically charged particles such as calcium, sodium, k and chloride), these ions motility in and out of the cells of the heart.

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