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The Orbita hotel is placed in an bionomic zone of Saint-Petersburg within 20 second from the city center. incoming to the hotel you can find: 2 astronomic parks, swimming pools, an entertainment center with a bowling club and a disco, a cinema, a trade center, a beauty shop and a steam gathering (banya). Should you get in future than the such that time, a penalty in the amount one day’s edict purpose incur. For our guests we offer different types of rooms (from suites to thriftiness class), internet access, café and different services. gathering variety Rooms: TV, telephone, a refrigerator, desktop, 2 single beds, 2 side tables. Rooms: TV, telephone, single bed, side table, sofa, Universal desk, chair, set of dishes, refrigerator. In the standard concept rooms: TV, telephone, a refrigerator, 2 single beds, 2 bedside tables, desk, 2 chairs, set of dishes.

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