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The Orbita building is located in an environment district of Saint-Petersburg within 20 time unit from the municipality center. Next to the hotel you can find: 2 large parks, swimming pools, an recreation center with a bowling club and a disco, a cinema, a trade center, a beauty salon and a lift room (banya). Should you arrive advanced than the such that time, a social control in the quantity one day’s stay will incur. For our guests we offer antithetic types of rooms (from suites to economy class), net access, café and other services. chance statement Rooms: TV, telephone, a refrigerator, desktop, 2 single beds, 2 bedside tables. Rooms: TV, telephone, single bed, bedside table, sofa, general desk, chair, set of dishes, refrigerator. In the basic category rooms: TV, telephone, a refrigerator, 2 sui generis beds, 2 bedside tables, desk, 2 chairs, set of dishes.

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