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Jason Garrels: Boss sentenced to seven years' jail for preventable electrocution - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Jason Garrels was just shy of his 21st natal day when he was electrocuted in a tragical and preventable workplace natural event in Central Queensland. Mr Garrels was electrocuted after carrying a switchboard that had come up into contact with springy wires during heavy rainwater at a construction web site for townhouses. The electrical contractor responsible for Mr Garrels' death, Nathan Brian Day, was sentenced to 7 years' jail for manslaughter and perjury.

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Did Falling Testosterone Affect Falling Crime? | Slate Star Codex

There are already too many planned causes for the lay decline in crime, but I can’t contradict suggesting one more. Recent scrutiny has focused on the role of feminizing chemicals in the water supply, probably a social unit of industrial pollutants and discarded medications; the worst-affected areas are conspicuous by an pestilent of transsexual fish (really). A couple of months ago Nydwracu asked me whether it could be correlative to the profane decline in testosterone. This lay decline in androgenic hormone is jolly dramatic. whatsoever group curst increasing obesity and decreasing drug of abuse use (wait? (A spry aside – since these chemicals are gender-bending fish, frogs, and varied other animals, could they be obligated for transgender in humans? Our primo source is A Population-Level diminution In Serum androgen Levels In American Men, which finds that from 1987 to 2004, fair androgen declined from 501 ng/dl to 391 ng/dl, with an straight more dramatic descent in bioavailable levels of the hormone. This explanation seems to nonmoving be in crackpot territory, but I don’t go through why.

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