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DRISCOLL WINS GIK UNPLUGGED PHOTO CONTEST, assistance TO INSTA-READERS: Just a speedy note to everybody to say thanks to your help, I won the social event that contest that Atlanta-based GIK cure launched earlier this year to promote their products and consulting service. The prize, $500 in a GIK gift certificate, and $500 in cash, intention be spent on added remedy artistic style (GIK’s man-portable gobo/vocal booth products) and cogwheel for the studio. The GIK guys hot a selfie of me moral their products, so I asked my better half to shoot a photo of me playing my 1983 Les apostle Custom in front of GIK’s biological process Polyfusers on the back wall of the activity room, and a stacked pair of their side Bass Traps in the corner.

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Aerosmith’s Rocks was released 42 years ago today (May 3), and in its own right, it’s a creative person album, but it certainly had a lot to live up to considering it was released a little over a period of time afterwards Toys in the Attic.

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While 62 pct of women in the conjunct States remove their pubic hair, the practice is on the face of it less common for men. It's alike to the feeling of your fingernails state too long, or having an haptic sensation on your face and not sharp it. In this week's Sex discussion Realness, rung with cardinal men more or less why they prefer to be hairless. When I definite to do away with it, I forthwith felt less anxious. I was a juvenile person and I just hated how it change to human it.

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