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Wansu fourth kata hidden fist HD

Kata are pre-determined defense, fire and counter-attack exercises. Kata develops speed, coordination, technique, and breath control. in that respect are eight empty mitt kata that teach five stances in Isshinryu Karate.

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Isshinryu Karate: Donald Bohan's Memorial Website: Isshin-Ryu Kumite

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Matsumora as well tutored Choki Motobu, who was other one of Tatsuo Shimabuku's senior instructors. Tatsuo Shimabuku's uncle and his first martial art instructor, Irshu Matsumora was related to Kosaku Matsumora. The opponent has kicked from the unexhausted 45 degrees front with a right-front kick; the low block deflects the kick and poke is aimed at his kidney or at the floating ribs, depending on how practically the block has turned his upper body.

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Let us analyse the inexplicable 'kakushi tsuki', or concealed punch, of Wansu kata. It is unequalled to Wansu; a portion of the chief sequence of this kata. Why would anybody put such a dim outstanding proficiency in the main succession Wansu? In Matsubayashi-ryu, the punch is cooked by swing the clenched fist derriere your backmost (!! zuki/kakushi In Shotokan, at this place in Wansu(Empi), they do 'age tsuki'; which is a straight tool that in some strange sense 'lifts' from the hip - which is equal more stupid. Let us analyse the mixed drink from the position of mechanics.

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