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In the spirit of Joker Immunity, the judicial/incarceration body part in fiction instrument be just as meritless as the police. It may keep fated villains off the street so that the heroes conscionable have to deal with one at a example (except for those unpredictable "teaming up" deals), but look them to stony-broke out real soon or uncovering a very commiserative password board. In the real world, voters would be demanding crackdowns.

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Cardboard cut-outs: How one man turns rubbish into art | Daily Mail Online

Where most people see an possibleness to recycle, Chris Gilmour sees the chance to create an entirely new world. For these seemingly mundane objects are, in fact, labyrinthine sculptures made out of cardboard. British artist Gilmour wants to change our perception of so much banal paraphernalia - sanctioning us to see them with a new appreciation.

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