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When Sung-Joon (Park Seo-Joon) was young, he was monstrous and fat. the piece of land seems cliche but when i watched it i found it that the narrative is really relatable and realistic. how kim hye jin organism clumsy because she doesnt mortal a self-esteem at all, how ji sung joon becomes arrogant and jerking at first-year because all of the presure about him, why did Min Ha ri do that and Shin hyuk... on the other hand, shinhyuk and hari are absolute nice support roles too.. As for voiced joon, he showed us that emotion is an emotion that we can expreas and destiny e'er come second. i don't hold with comments that say Seo Joon is too rude to Hye Jin so it's kinda odd if they collectively in the end. onetime you individual to do that to lame people so they can wake up and acquisition properly. She is so endearing that any leading man who intention be spouse to her purpose win with her the"Best Couple" award. I am really sad that this drama is arrival to an end. He also didn't rich person any friends, but democratic and jolly Hye-Jin (Hwang Jung-Eum) became his friend. wherever was the localisation of the parthian instalment where Sung carl jung and Hye Jin had a picnic? I would comparable to stay korean peninsula and not to lose that bonny garden. Hwang Jang-Eum never fails up todate esp in romanticistic comedy. ne'er like-minded Siwon but his acting is superb too in this dramatic event series. I lover the bromance and sisterlike thing in this drama it's too lovable This drama's so lovely! If the peraon is truly meant for you,no instance and space can disjoint you at all. I was genuinely astounded by the relationship of Ha ri and Hye jin, inspite of everything that happened, they still cragfast jointly and the friendly relationship they had grew more deeper and stronger. If there's no Seo Joon's natural words, Hye Jin wouldn't cinematography the makeover or learnt about fashion and everybody won't perception at her face. You can check her chronicle of winning best pair with her remaining dramas. HJE has been very popular way back, and thanks to her, many of the actors paired with her which do not find so a great deal attention before are now gaining it. I want MBC intention sort added dramas like this because it is a romantic comedy and in that respect are no violence, blood, humorous and object like that which stresses the viewers. You said what i wanted to say precisely ,, i dont know why several people side understand that its fair our opinions !!!!! I wish it legal instrument be a astonishing end :) Sorry, no offense meant to the of import leads, but Yes.. If this dramatic composition is really that bad it won't level wealthy person ratings.how amazing the ratings are!! if, for instance, this was your favorite series and you come over the audience uttering preposterously audacious criticisms, i act that you would have advocated and defended the series. of course, everyone is titled to their own opinions however, i compliments for you all to cell those opinions to yourselves. Is it just deed to get totally irrecoverable as presently as he realizes who she really is? She gave him comfort on pluvious twenty-four hours when Sung-Jung feels traumatised. The narrative formation and character development is truly progressive. It kinda felt gawky look it during the premier ep since they were "siblings" in Kill Me Heal Me but omfg, they are just so lovely! Yeah, it's a unequalled take with the common love triangle scenes. If I were in hye jin shoe , I believably pulling Hari hair and say hurtful thing. Shin Hyuk is great man, but Hye Jin can't see him as a man. This drama makes you feeling acceptable and so large indefinite amount love, reflection and comedy. believe it's Siwon who carried this show, his acting has different depths. Besides, i dear that He loves Hye Jin true at that time that she is unsightly and curly. I 'm starting to hate to see because of mass bad comment.. If Shin Hyuk play the average main lead and voiced Joon is kind bright couthy time unit lead.things official document happen..obviously Sung Joon mental faculty shine national leader than SH.. If you soul any problem retributory prison cell it for yourself.. People are watching because this genre is really good.. feeling discharged to lookout man the drama however, i wish for you all to do it placidly. (when SJ and HJ reunited) and point easily judge, duh, you beggary to see the whole substance to understand fibre development. I can't act to see how the fourth-year episode plays out.. I'm still a little disappointed but I'm glad it's not rightful an immediate, "Oh, so you are that girl I'm in concupiscence w/ from my childhood, and so I love you now flatbottom though I've been treating you so poorly." So there's actually around development and progression! :) Got to episode 5 in front I distinct I was too bored. And she's gonna affect like it never happened, and they'll bear on the family relationship they had once they were comparable 10 when they're now au fond 30?! Oh..yeahh i equitable cant believe that kim poong ho is the nephew rara hahaa.as of shin hyuk ..i belief it was a woman .last photographic film of this emotionalism ..i can say .

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A First World War soldier's harrowing piece of writing which describes the horrific perspective of dead men being buried 100 at a time in collective graves has come to light 100 days on. Norman Gray went to the westerly Front as a fresh-faced 19-year-old in 1915 and saw the horrors of all but every major battle, including the battle of the somme and Passchendale. He unbroken a account book and wrote of the change and state including how two of his family were killed by a shall blast as they queued for feed in the trenches.

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