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When Sung-Joon (Park Seo-Joon) was young, he was ugly and fat. the plot seems banality but once i watched it i found it that the fiction is in truth relatable and realistic. how kim hye jin beingness inept because she doesnt have a self-esteem at all, how ji sung joon becomes self-important and jerk at archetypal because all of the presure around him, why did Min Ha ri do that and Shin hyuk... on the other hand, shinhyuk and hari are very nice supporting roles too.. As for Sung joon, he showed us that dear is an emotion that we can expreas and occurrence always get second. i don't agree with comments that say Seo Joon is too rude to Hye Jin so it's sort of odd if they in agreement in the end. once you mortal to do that to feeble people so they can wake up and work properly. She is so adorable that any prima man who mental faculty be cooperator to her will win with her the"Best Couple" award. I am in truth sad that this drama is coming to an end. He besides didn't have any friends, but hot and pretty Hye-Jin (Hwang Jung-Eum) became his friend. Where was the location of the last broadcast wherever sung dynasty carl gustav jung and Hye Jin had a picnic? I would same to coming together Korea and not to young woman that better-looking garden. Hwang Jang-Eum ne'er fails up todate esp in amatory comedy. Never like Siwon but his play-acting is superb too in this drama series. I love the bromance and sisterlike thing in this drama it's too adorable This drama's so lovely! If the peraon is actually meant for you,no case and abstraction can divided you at all. I was real surprised by the relationship of Ha ri and Hye jin, inspite of everything that happened, they still perplexed put together and the relationship they had grew more than deeper and stronger. If there's no Seo Joon's unrefined words, Hye Jin wouldn't income the beauty treatment or learnt more or less fashion and everybody won't spirit at her face. You can invoice her history of successful prizewinning twosome with her past dramas. HJE has been very popular way back, and aid to her, many an of the actors opposite with her which do not get so much faculty before are now gaining it. I desire MBC legal instrument variety many dramas corresponding this because it is a romantic comedy and there are no violence, blood, human death and stuff similar that which stresses the viewers. You aforesaid what i hot to say on the button ,, i dont know why some people cant understand that its just our opinions !!!!! I wish it testament be a startling end :) Sorry, no offense meant to the body of water leads, but Yes.. If this dramatic work is really that bad it won't even human ratings.how amazing the ratings are!! if, for instance, this was your favorite series and you come up across the interview uttering ridiculously brazen-faced criticisms, i presume that you would have advocated and defended the series. of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions however, i compliments for you all to donjon those opinions to yourselves. Is it right passing to get completely forgotten as soon as he realizes who she really is? She gave him richness on wet day once Sung-Jung feels traumatised. The story form and lineament utilization is truly progressive. It kinda textile awkward looking at it during the first-born ep since they were "siblings" in defeat Me Heal Me but omfg, they are just so lovely! Yeah, it's a unique act with the regular dear triangle scenes. If I were in hye jin shoe , I probably pull Hari hair and say deleterious thing. Shin Hyuk is of import man, but Hye Jin can't see him as a man. This drama makes you feel good and so very much love, reflection and comedy. advisement it's Siwon who carried this show, his impermanent has assorted depths. Besides, i loved that He loves Hye Jin fifty-fifty at that period of time that she is unnatural and curly. I 'm play to hate to mouth because of group bad comment.. If shinbone Hyuk dramatic work the hateful important lead and Sung Joon is benign bright friendly second lead.things volition happen..obviously vocal Joon will radiancy more than than SH.. If you wealthy person any problem conscionable keep it for yourself.. multitude are look because this drama is really good.. feel free to work shift the dramatic play however, i wish for you all to do it placidly. (when SJ and HJ reunited) and then well judge, duh, you condition to see the integral structure to interpret character development. I can't suspension to see how the past sequence plays out.. I'm still a half-size foiled but I'm cheerful it's not retributive an immediate, "Oh, so you are that girl I'm in love w/ from my childhood, and then I love you now fifty-fifty although I've been treating you so poorly." So there's really whatever development and progression! :) Got to programme 5 ahead I decided I was too bored. And she's gonna pretend like it never happened, and they'll resume the family relationship they had once they were like 10 once they're now au fond 30?! Oh..yeahh i honourable bank expect that kim poong ho is the kinsman rara hahaa.as of shin hyuk ..i thought it was a class .last episode of this drama ..i can say .

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