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More and more than persons are moving to and from Sweden. The people who motility here and why they do so vary with time. Migrants also have an increasing significance for the spacing of sex and age in the population.

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Migration - Foreign-born unemployment - OECD Data

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The foreign-born unemployment rate is measured as the share of unemployed foreign-born persons elderly 15-64 in the foreign-born labour movement physical phenomenon (the sum of employed and laid-off foreign-born) of that aforesaid age. Unemployed hoi polloi consist of those persons who account that they are without work during the reference week, are available for acquisition and have taken operational steps to find work during the four weeks preceding the interview. migrator workers are agonistic to a greater extent by state than native-born workers in European countries that have traditionally standard migrants.

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Migration - Foreign-born employment - OECD Data

The foreign-born usage rate is calculated as the share of employed foreign-born persons ripe 15-64 in the total foreign-born settlement (active and inactive persons) of that comparable age. Employed people are those who worked at littlest one hour or who had a job but were departed from business during the reference week. This index is measured in percentage of foreign-born assemblage of the same age by gender.

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