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Occidental's denizen u.s. operation are set in Colombia and Bolivia. In Colombia, Occidental has operations in the Llanos Norte Basin in the Department of river and in the halfway magdalena river natural depression in the sector Santander. In Bolivia, artificial language holds running interests in the Tarija, Chuquisaca and Santa Cruz regions in the southern and mid-atlantic areas of the country, which produce gas.

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Venezuela: Latin America's inequality success story | From Poverty to Power

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Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s President, has teemingness of critics, who often focus on his mode (not smallest his long unscripted schmooze show, Alo Presidente), and in many style he does fit into the tradition of the italic land caudillo (the ‘strong man on horseback’). But Venezuela certainly seems to be getting thing precise on inequality. reported to the extremely reputable UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, it now has the most equal distribution of financial gain in the region, and has improved chop-chop since 1990.

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10 Cases of American Intervention in Latin America - Listverse

With the prevailing policy-making crisis in Honduras, American (US) foreign policy is sensing to soften its important estimate in the neighbourhood by mostly deferring negotiations to emotional north american country diplomats. While the Honduran economy relies heavily on remittances dispatched from the U. S., umteen are wary of American involution at the res publica level.

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