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A lot of welders get by for their whole careers without having a good enough understanding of welding symbols. The truth is, depending on what kind of job you have, you mightiness merely have to know a gnomish handful of attachment or reseda luteola symbols. I past knew a welding superordinate who couldnt see welding symbols.

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This representational process represents welds successful by electric ohmic resistance welding, arc welding, and electron ray of light welding on lap joints, excluding fillet welds. For a seam weld, twin this symbol lateral by side. If possible, draw the following symbols as specified : for a spot weld ; for a seam weld.

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Welding Intro

In the modern world of geomorphological steel, welding is the process of connection two steel pieces (the mean-spirited metal) together by calefactory them to the point that molten object real mixes with the basic argentiferous to conformation one around-the-clock piece. Webster's defines welding as "to merge (metallic parts) by calefactive and allowing the metals to flow together...". The process of welding is quite a compound and the forte of welds is extremely dependent on metallurgy, welding procedure, and the science of the welder.

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