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While politicians and nonnative dignitaries were out in force at borough Abbey for the Royal ritual 'tween Prince William and his st. bridget Kate Middleton, the peer and lady of Cambridge will have been most excited by those who had collected in Statesmen's passage in the abbey's north construction to see them marry. Also among them were long-time friends of the chief of state family, wealthy landowners and aristocrats who have better-known patrician William all his life, together with the mentors who helped him cope with his mother's dying and saw his bride transformed from commoner to future Queen. THE GLOUCESTERSHIRE SET Friends of the Prince's from his national administrative district of Gloucestershire, who have been amused at Highgrove, the aristocrat of Wales's country estate, were well represented.

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How to convert 1 gallon of liquid gasoline into 160 gallons of highly combustible fuel vapor and increase your nation’s fuel supply by 16,000% | PRESS Core

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How more does 1 gallon of watery gasoline move as a vapor? The saturated vapor bulk of an moderate congius of liquefiable petrol when fully evaporated is 160 gallons of vapor at 60° F and sea level. once you convert 1 gallon of fuel into 160 gallons of highly combustive supply vapor you increase your nation’s furnish supply by 16,000% (16,000% of 1 is 160).

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How much/little of the money Oxfam gets from us actually goes on charity? « Snouts in the Trough

Seems to somebody 3 main sources of monetary fund – shops, exoteric donations and government grants. Its shops raise £89.9m, but expenditure £67.6m, exploit evenhanded £22.3m for charity. Not great, considering the hoi polloi working in the shops are mostly volunteers.

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