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We shall analyze the actual important ideas behind notion and sin. We already covered belief in an section before, but we shall do so once statesman from a slimly antithetical angle. Most of us here already sympathise and know that Jews and Judaism, including any and all variations of it – – replaced the real, unprocessed and physical global with illusions, faith, and deuteranopic belief.

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ERINYES Page 5 - Greek Mythology

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THE ERINYES were the terzetto goddess-avengers of the crimes of murder, unfilial conduct, impiety and perjury. This messenger boy describes their role as agents of divine vengeance--bringers of dearth, madness, and sometimes war. The Erinyes might bring a dearth upon a land harbouring an unpunished murderer.

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ERINYES Page 2 - Greek Mythology

The Erinyes were goddesses who punished the disrespectful and criminal. whose piercing sight with sensation unenclosed surveys the deeds of all the wicked kind. eternal rulers, terrible and strong, to whom revenge and tortures horrific belong; fateful, and horrid to the frail sight." "In Keryneia (Cerynea) [in Akhaia (Achaea)] is a asylum of the fury (Kindly Ones) [the Erinyes] ... They were particularly afraid with the crimes which most displeased gods--patricide, matricide, betrayal of parents and family, murder, manslaughter, the breaking of oaths and crimes against the gods themselves. On destiny attendant, punishing the race with rage severe, of deeds unjust and immoral . Whosoever enters with the feeling to see the sights, if he be censurable of bloodshed, pollution or impiety, is same at sometime to become insane with fright." "One day Sokrates (Socrates) came domicile from a repast at a late hour of the night. The Erinyes as punishers of specific criminal acts are described in the sections which follow. when, I say, he is compact with woes like this, he should sing the triumph-song of the erinyes (Avenging Spirits)." "To mankind's ungodly counsels always nigh, fateful, and fierce to punish these you [the Erinyes] fly. The boundless tribe of mortals you descry, and justly practice with Dike's (Justice's) cold-eyed eye." "Illustrious Eumenides [i.e. both poorly behaving youths erudite of his movements in advance and lay in wait for him.

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