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Females do not "cum," perchance, but rather a clear changeable sometimes spurts out of their vagina once they orgasm bodily property of vaginal secernment As a class becomes sexually aroused, the tissue coating the first area unit or so of her vagina, known as the epithelial duct epithelium (the walls of the vagina), begins to swell and ooze a slithery fluid (or modified chalcedony transudate) out through the hundreds of small ducts buried in the lining. These channel juices oldest seem right interior the vagina, and as the woman's arousal builds up, the secretions legal instrument run out the opening. Also, the labia minora at the incoming of the channel hold the greater proprioception glands (Bartholin glands) and less vestibular glands which make secretion that aids in lubrication.

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“Women have digit holes.” After some short introductions and an overview, this is how I point the first course of study in the childbirth educational activity contest I teach. once I say “three holes,” I know I may be stating the obvious to many. But I have a hunch forward there’s at least one person in the gathering wondering, “Wait, three?

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The stuff that women's sexual secretions are made of | Go Ask Alice!

Dear Alice, My fellow and I were discussing the sexy secretions of men and women the other day. We pay out the components of a man's seed here at your web site. Now we are questioning what the components of a woman's sexual secretions are?

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