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Roman soldiers used to backwash the walls of a newly-conquered township or city with the blood of the vanquished. This was commonly accomplished with a great qualification of gusto, hence the term being applied to a great night on the town. Alternative: In the ordinal century, the music of township wherever brothels and saloons were settled was illustrious as the 'red light district." So a group of healthy cowhands out for a night on the town strength well yield it into their heads to make the full-page town red.

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Dutch Sayings, Standard Phrases, Idiom, Proverbs

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Scattered ended my website is a large number of Dutch lines and phrases. Fred writer of Lincoln, England recommended to bring together on one page the sayings and stock expressions, the phrases that often go beyond their explicit meaning. These are the kind of lines that frequently go out funny in computing machine translations.

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Italian phrases, sayings, mottos, and quotes in art, and popular use

The Italian spoken language is calculable from the language of the Ancient Romans. tho' human can ne'er be surpassed as the language of wisdom, terseness and gravitas, european has its own attractiveness and beauty. There are too many democratic proverbs that are known in their lingo versions used by the people who now reside the Appenines. In approximately cases, the phrases below are given in their regional dialects.

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