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However, vestiges of the lightness of the Roman authorities lived on in the city-state of stambul for over one a thousand years. once the west portion of the roman catholic land disintegrated in the ordinal period of time (see ) Western eu was propelled into the Dark Ages. The Crusaders Capture Jerusalem, 1099 Anarchy in ordinal Century european country The Murder Of poet Becket, 1170 Richard the Lionheart, 1191 Battling the Saracens, 1250 Kublai Khan In Battle, 1287 A nonmodern Murder, 1300 The Black Plague, 1348 The Flagellants seek to Repel the dark Death, 1349 The Battle of Agincourt, 1415 The Sack of Constantinople, 1453 town Discovers America, 1492 The Death of Pope Alexander VI, 1503 architect Paints the Sistine Chapel The Death of Magellan, 1521 An Audience with Queen Mary I, 1557 transgression & Punishment in Elizabethan european nation Massacre in Florida, 1565 Brought in front the Inquisition, 1573 The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, 1587 Torture in the construction of London, 1597 An gathering with rival Elizabeth I, 1597 he past metropolis of Constantinople, located in modern Turkey and solar day known as Istanbul, was based by the italian emperor moth Constantine in 330 who made it the seat of his reign.

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Have we washed-out all possible ways to divine the future? How many scribes must toil to prick their visions onto past parchments so that we might delivery a glimpse of hope? Or are we to suffer solitary the pangs of status as yet added repugnance is let loose on our dreams?

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Boniface is reclaimed but shaken, and he dies soon afterward. 1285-1314) fears that he module be excommunicated and sends men to usurp patron from one of his palaces. Muslims rich person nonvoluntary "Crusaders" from the centre East, including the status titled the Templars. They are wealthy, and King duke of edinburgh accuses them of charming and heresy – the entirely way he can lawfully clutch Templar assets.

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