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:$ hi, this may sound like a actually realy cloddish question.. however my time period is quite a late, the only way i could be pregnant is by orifice sex.. i was just questioning if it was possible to get pregnant finished anal?

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New Survey Shows Most of Us Have Period Sex, Even If It’s Messy | StyleCaster

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Period sex is a amazingly divisive topic, according to a new survey by Flex, a new fellowship that’s formulating a device that will assign women to have coitus with less mess once it’s that time of the month. Out of 500 men and women, nearly fractional called period sex “gross” or “pretty gross,” piece a little terminated half—55 percent—actually think it “natural” or “awesome.” Not shockingly, the demographics who are more into (or at least OK with) it are millennials, bi-, pan-, and polysexuals, as recovered as folks who regard themselves more “spiritual” than religious. On the other hand, the ones more grossed out by period sex tend to be people ages 40 to 49, straight, and Christian.

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6 Period Sex Hacks, Because You Deserve Good Sex All Month Long

If you rich person to feature your period for the majority of your life, you might as well see how to handle it archean on and not let it feeling your sex life. though there are birth control options that eliminate your interval all together (Yeah! ), for those of us who still opt for things similar the Pill or rolling au natural, having periods all single month for some 30 years is vindicatory part of the trade of beingness a woman.

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