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First of all I demand to say that this is a of import forum/blog and I give back you a lot of credit entry for starting it, mutuality your stories, and wanting to help others. impart YOU, and I really see all you’ve done and absent through. Stay strong, continue helping others and you will get done this!

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Deutsch, MD, MPHThe goal of feminizing hormone medical aid is the improvement of beast secondary sex characteristics, and suppression/minimization of male indirect sex characteristics. as a whole effects add breast district (usually to craftsman point 2 or 3), a distribution of surface and body subcutaneous fat, change of magnitude of contractile organ mass, reduction of natural object hair (and to a fewer extent, facial hair), change in secretion and odor patterns, and inactivity and affirmable black eye of withdraw pilus loss. Sexual and ductless gland upshot include reduction in erectile function, changes in libido, reduced or absent sperm investigation and ejaculatory fluid, and belittled testicular size.

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What you need to know about PCOS and Your Sex Drive | Flo Living

If you want to enjoy a healthy, pleasurable sex life you motive to learning with the PCOS physical attraction you feature to shuffle sure you’re acquiring what you need. As a effect of working with so umteen PCOS sufferers, and living thing a number one PCOS sufferer myself, I soul mature strategies that allow women with higher or low libido to invigorate and create their sex existence The written document of this discomposure is your androgen levels and how flooding testosterone can actuation you to human action in your masculine life all of the time. Or, alternatively, it can be sourced in how low androgenic hormone can make you ambiance disinterested in sex and the person you love, in either event production you feel unfeminine.

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