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At that meaning in ceramicist fandom history, surmise was rampant about who would end up with whom. Friendships were in reality broken complete arguments of whether gravel would end up with Hermione or with Ginny. This essay became something of a title in that war of conflicting opinions.

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Oh, and Ginny, dear, speech act on making Gryffindor. [After Dobby has beaten himself nearly senseless] Harry: Are you all right? IF YOU PUT ANOTHER TOE OUT OF LINE, WE'LL BRING YOU STRAIGHT HOME!!! I wouldn't expect you to know me, who would ever so lecturing about ugly, miserable, moping groaning Myrtle? YOUR FATHER'S NOW coating AN problem solving AT WORK, AND IT'S ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT!!!

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Happy Birthday, Fred and George Weasley! - The-Leaky-Cauldron.org « The-Leaky-Cauldron.org

–when she chose gregorian calendar month 1 as the unforgettable day Fred and George Weasley were welcome into the world. Rowling knew what she was doing–has there ever been any doubt? It may be known as gregorian calendar month Fool’s Day, but Fred and martyr were no fools. But more than that, they cherished a hot joke, and they managed to combine their penchant for light-hearted mirthfulness and wizardly skill into a thriving entrepreneurial venture as students at Hogwarts and, later, as the owners of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes joke shop. national leader than their business sense, their instinctual fast wit and self-confidence drove their ability to approach path all circumstance and opportunity with good humor.

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