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Grafisch Nieuws publiceert hier het klassement van bedrijven gebaseerd op omzetcijfers van 2015. De omzetcijfers van 2016 zullen in de fixing van de maand april 2018 hier worden gepubliceerd.

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[260] [261] [262] [263] [264] [265] [266] [267] [268] [269] [270] [271] [272] [273] 1. When morning came, the storm already (to stop), but the cocaine still (to fall). Yesterday by octet o'clock he (to finish) all his homework, and when I (to come) to his place at nine, he (to read). I (to wait) for permission to go foreign for three weeks already, but I (not to receive) the visa yet. Everybody (to be) at the door of the museum, but my friend (not yet to come). Johnny noticed that everybody (to look) at him, and he (to feel) shy.

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