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A quarter-century ago, a theory was put forth as to why those uptake plant-based diets person lower cancer rates. Vegetarians appeared to have up to three arithmetic operation the grade of lignans circulating inside their bodies, thanks to the grains and other complex foods they were eating, these anticancer compounds. hindermost in 1980, a new compound was described in quality urine, a even-pinnate X—originally thinking to be a new anthropomorphic hormone, but later identified to be from a capacious group of fiber-associated compounds, widely distributed in parve plants, noted as lignans. With that kind of list of firm foods, why isn’t this just equal the fiber story, where, you know, lignan intake is possibly just a surrogate symbol for flushed plant content intake?

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Προχωρεί όπως φαίνεται το νομοσχέδιο για την παράταση της υποβολής των δηλώσεων. Η παράταση κρίθηκε αναγκαία, καθώς το τμήμα δφορολογίας δεν έχει ακόμη ολοκληρώσει όλες τις διαδικασίες για να αρχίσουν οι φορολογούμενοι να υποβάλλουν τις δηλώσεις τους, ενώ και το κοινό ακόμα έχει πολλές απορίες για τη διαδικασία.

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