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Contesters object to go on DXpeditions to the far reaches of the planet. These DXpeditions form the rivalry more interesting and challenging for all of us. assessment out the planned DXpeditions for the future CW competition on NG3K's web land site at unprofessional energy Contesting Resources and Information. Lockout device by 4O3A The World Wide Radio Operators Foundation ("WWROF"), a non-profit donor-supported organization, has committed to bed clothing critical infrastructure expenses for the CQ clan of contests.

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The CQ Worked All Zones (WAZ) Award and its variations are issued to any accredited amateur position presenting proof of touching with the proper number of CQ zones of the world. Files Available For Download WAZ Application shape (Format) WAZ use Form (Format) WAZ employment Form (Format) completed WAZ Rules in west germanic (.

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: VO2 (Labrador), the portion of VE2 provincial capital northwest of the 50th parallel, and Nunavut Territories east of 102 degrees (Includes the islands of monarch Christian, King William. Pierre Miquelon), VE1 (Nova Scotia) and VE9 (New Brunswick), VY2 (Prince Edward Is.), VO1 (Newfoundland) and the apportionment of VE2 Quebec south of the fiftieth parallel. Prince of Wales, Somerset, Bathurst, Devon, Ellesmere, Baffin and the writer and Boothia Peninsulas, excluding Akimiski Island, Bear Islands and eastmost Pen terra firma in Hudson Bay). : VE3 (Ontario), VE4 (Manitoba), VE5 (Saskatchewan), VE6 (Alberta), VY0 Akimiski Island, and abide Islands, and Fox Island and geographic area Pen Island in w. h. hudson Bay. VP9 (Bermuda), W1, W2, W3 and the W4 states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and the W8 administrative district of West Virginia. : C6 (Bahamas), CO (Cuba), FG (Guadeloupe), FJ (St. : FK/C (Chesterfield Is.), VK1 (Capital Territory), VK2 (New southeasterly Wales), VK3 (Victoria) and VK4 (Queensland), VK5 (South Australia), VK7 (Tasmania), VK9L (Lord suffragist Is.), VK9M (Mellish Reef), VK9 (Willis Is.), VK0M (Macquarie Is.) and unspecified continent facility (See Notes Below). : C2 (Nauru), FO (Marquesas), KH1 (Baker Howland Is.), KH3 (Johnson Is.), KH4 (Midway Is.), KH5K (Kingman Reef), KH5 (Palmyra Jarvis), KH6 (Hawaii), KH7K(Kure), KH9 (Wake Is), T2 (Tuvalu), T30 (Western Kiribati), T31 (Central Kiribati), and T32 (Eastern Kiribati), T33 (Bananba Is), V7 (Marshall Is.), and ZK3 (Tokelau) geographical area 32. The W7 states of Montana and Wyoming, W0, W9, W8 (except West Virginia), W5, and the W4 states of Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Barts), FM (Martinique), FS (Saint Martin), HH (Haiti), HI (Dominican Republic), J3 (Grenada), J6 (St. Vincent), KG4 (Guantanamo Base), KP1 (Navassa Is.), KP2 person Islands), KP4 (Puerto Rico), KP5 (Navassa Is.), PJ5 (Eustatius), PJ6 (Saba), PJ7 (Sint Maarten). Kitts and Nevis), VP2E (Anguilla), VP2M (Montserrat), VP2V (British Virgin Is.), VP5 (Turks and Caicos Is.), YV0 (Aves Is.), ZF (Cayman Is.), 6Y (Jamaica), and 8P (Barbados). : C3 (Andorra), CT (Portugal), CU (Azores Is.), DL (Germany), EA (Spain), EA6 (Balearic Is.), El (Ireland), F (France), G (England), GD (Isle of Man), GI (Northern Ireland), GJ (Jersey), GM (Scotland), GU (Guernsey), GW (Wales), HB (Switzerland), HB0(Liechtenstein), LA (Norway), LX (Luxembourg), ON (Belgium), OY (Faroe Is.), OZ (Denmark), PA (Netherlands), SM (Sweden), ZB (Gibraltar), 3A (Monaco) and 4U1ITU (ITU, Geneva). : E7 (Bosnia Herzegovina), ES (Estonia), HA (Hungary), HV (Vatican), I (Italy), IS0 (Sardinia), LY (Lithuania), OE (Austria), OH (Finland), OH0 (Aland Is.), OJ0 (Market Reef), OK (Czech Rep.), OM (Slovakia), S5 (Slovenia), SP (Poland), T7 (San Marino), TK (Corsica), UA2, F, K, RA2, UB2-UI2 (Kaliningrad), YL (Latvia), YU (Serbia), ZA (Albania), Z3 (Macedonia), 1A0 (SMOM), 4O (Montenegro), 9A (Croatia), 9H (Malta). : E4 (Palestine), JY (Jordan), LZ (Bulgaria), OD (Lebanon), SV (Greece), SV/A (Mt. : A4 (Oman), A6 (United Arab Emirates), A7 (Qatar), A9 (Bahrain), AP (Pakistan), EK (Armenia), EP (Iran), HZ (Saudi Arabia), YA (Afghanistan), YI (Iraq), 4J (Azerbaijan), 4L (Georgia), 7O (excluding Socotra I. : A3 (Tonga), E5 (North and south-eastern fix Is.) FK New Caledonia but NOT philip dormer stanhope Is.), FO (French archipelago and southern Is.

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