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The Nine for IX film "Let Them Wear Towels" tells the story of the women reporters who gained coequal find to wash room storage locker rooms. In this companion piece, we hear from their animal colleagues and the athletes from that era. rearmost in 2003, afterward a match of years protection movie maker Iverson and the 76ers for the city Inquirer, I switched to the Eagles beat.

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The New York Islanders aren’t shy astir giving interviews in assorted stages of undress. “It’s all we’ve ever known,” right wing Josh Bailey, wearing a blue Islanders shirt, skin-tight compression shorts, and knee-high athletic socks, told me after a practice past week. Since I watched hockey as a kid, it was forever this way.” The hockey team’s trunk room isn’t as rancid as expected. Industrial-size hampers, home to growing mounds of dampish practice jerseys, sit on to each one social unit of the incommodious room in its Syosset, New York, activity facility.

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