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Perhaps that’s because girls don’t feel the demand to chat about it as they’re enjoying their morning coffee, or perhaps they retributive don’t feel it’s requisite selective information to share. And really, what’s the need for others to undergo what we imagine about once we last get a bit of ahem.. But, scrolling through Twitter, it seems the male population is quiet really intrigued as to what auto-erotism means for a woman. And so, we thought we’d clear up this large quandary by respondent all of these really important questions. We asked six girls the nearly popular self-abuse questions guys wanted the answers to. Sometimes it’s necessary; sometimes we meet get bored.

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When a bring up catches a boy playing with his ears, questions may arise about ear infections. When a nurture catches a boy playing with his starchy penis, covert concerns, anxieties, guilts, shames, questions and unhappiness often rumble and commotion inside — flush if we credit that it’s inbred behavior. Why do we have these interlacing and powerful feelings?

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