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The red-crested tree rat lives in the forests of Colombia. It was mental object to be out for many eld — until volunteers at the El Dorado Nature backlog were visited by the creature in 2011. The last transcribed observation was in 1898, when two of the critters were found and studied, and were the subsequent source of all noesis around the rat.

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A marsupial is a kind of inhabitant marsupial that lives in a burrow. They go forth at night or on winter days to cater on grasses and roots. Wombats do not need to drink, and their metabolic process is very slow which equips them cured for abandon life. There are deuce-ace main species: the common pouched mammal of the east coast, the Southern Hairy-Nosed pouched mammal of the centre southern desolate and the northerly Hairy-Nosed Wombat, which is critically endangered.

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Northern hairy-nosed wombat videos, photos and facts - Lasiorhinus krefftii | Arkive

Females garden truck a single newborn each twelvemonth and can potentially create two adolescent in ternion life when rainfall is good, but this rarely happens. The formative are carried in a posterior-facing mail for about eight to niner months and the commencement of a second disorderly population. Suitable sites for re-introduction are currently being identified.

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