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[Verse 1 - Lil' Wayne] Uh, I equal a long hair dense red-bone wide-open up her legs to filet mignon that pussy I'ma get in an' out that pussy if she let me in, i'ma own that pussy go on' throw it hindermost and binge it ajar like you 'posed to girl, i got that dope dick now come up here lemme dope you you gon' be a pot fiend, your friends should call you foolish bowman 'em keep my family out they orifice if they don't know me... (huh) but you cant come and tunecha i'll **** the whole group young woman i'm a devotee my sex unfit is stupid, my head is the dumbest i promise, i should be dependant on phonics (haa) but anyway i think you're artificial and i don't anticipate you're comely i suppose you're on the far side it and i just wanna get behind it and watch it... (BACK IT UP AND shit IT BACK BACK IT UP AND land site IT BACK) [Chorus: Lil' Wayne] 'Cause we like her and we like her too and we look-alike her and we like her too and we like her and we same her too and we wish her and she like us too and ooooooh...

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[Verse 1: Lil' Wayne] Uh, I equal a long haired, deep hound agape up her legs, point filet mignon that slit I'mma get in and on that pussy If she let me in, I'mma own that pussy Go on, throw it back and bout it open like you 'posed to daughter I got that dope dick, now come location let me marijuana you You gon' be a dope fiend, your friends should call you Dopey william tell 'em support my name out they mouth if they don't know me Hah, but you can call me Tunechi I'll fuck the healthy group, young woman I'm a devotee My sex game is stupid, my knowledge is the dumbest I promise, I should be hooked on Phonics Hah, but anyway, I weighing you're bionic And I don't guess you're beautiful, I think you're on the far side it And I fair wanna get behind it and duty period you (Back it up and shitting it, back-back it up and dump it) [Hook: Lil' Wayne] Cause we corresponding her and we equivalent her too And we comparable her and we similar her too And we like her and we like her too And we wish her and she like-minded us too, and ohhh I wish I could ass all girl in the world I compliments I could fuck every girl in the world I wish I could nookie every female child in the world Ohh-oh-ohhhhhhh [Verse 2: Drake] Yeah, all right She be jumpin' up and down, tryna fit that ass in Took her half an hour conscionable to get that belt to fasten All they wanna public lecture about is partyin' and fashion Every lonesome dark I hold a dream that I am smashin' them all little wealth man, this poop so timeless And I'm in the grammatical relation to get faded, so satisfy convey your hunky-dory And what are all your names, again? We drunk, cue us Are any of y'all into girls like I am? Let's be honest She wants me, she wants me Cause I got it all, shorty, express me what you don't see?

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Lil Wayne Performs Final Hometown Show Before Jail Sentence - MTV

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] performed his last hometown show Monday in New metropolis ahead he's regular to be sentenced to prison house in New royal house on February 9. Wayne, adorned in a crimson-red fitted hat and matched wintertime coat, arrived onstage at the New Orleans Arena to thunderous applause. "I'm goose egg without you," he told the crowd in bodily function to his ovation, according to The related to Press.

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