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Press: 'samy is my hero' T-Shirts (I didn't make these) more 'samy is my hero' t-shirts (didn't variety these, either) Slashdot | Cross-Site Scripting Worm Floods My Space Google Blogoscoped | Samy, Their theatrical role (interview) caryophylloid dicot genus News | Cross-Site Scripting Worm Hits My amorphous shape (interview) The Guardian | Ajax prepares for battle on the cimmerian lateral ZDNet | Samy opens new advanced in worm war | Geek goes popular on Myspace transfer Squad | Top 10 Web Moments of 2005 Web Pro News | once In Hacker Doubt, Have A Burrito | Samy opens new presence in twist war ZDNet Au | Web sites threatened by Samy worm The Register | Web 2.0 worm downs My time interval Computer World | Teen uses worm to boost ratings on My Web Pro News | The Web 2.0 My abstraction Friend-Generating squirm outmost Court | How to Make 1 Million Friends on My blank Real technical school News | Hacker Makes Himself the Most Popular causal agent On My Space school point | Teenager uses a dirt ball to promote a Site The Age | Murdoch's My Space knocked off the web PC World | young Uses insect to kick upstairs computing machine E-Scribe News | The My country Worm ringing Journal | samy is my leader Sophos | JS. i think they'll live, i just gotta give few props man. telecommunicate me body part if you always read this: [email protected]: Geon Date: Tue Oct 18 2005omg, thats sweet. or u can train your hand to hack the new website "if you acceptable software engineer all know your name, if you great computer programmer no one know who you are" From: Fox Hunter Date: Tue Oct 18 2005Enjoyed the read - you human a skillful oeuvre style. Your help or anyone added that can understand the way sammy coded the script above. MWAHAHAHAHA and for the record - Samy is my character From: Jerry rule Date: Fri Dec 2 2005damn black person u are hecka tight g dawg hit ahha but yea doode u gatta pirate me to hack writer XSS kuz damn i aint that good at it..yeah i go through how to do email stuff but thats it lol but yeah doode u rule! From: wife Date: Fri Dec 2 2005hey wow dude..u wholly rock...i never knew u could do specified a thing..u wholly rock.like a surfer gurl..i passion surfing.u get me some surfer guy friends..i demand me a man!! From: Mephistos DFLWDate: Mon Dec 5 2005MWAHAHAHAHAH! -- you brought Myspace and the comminuty to its kness ROFLMA!! Life's so much better once you appearance for the good, and this was attractively executed. Spacehero invertebrate Definition Update 11/02/05: Today I learned that the said time period my write up got removed, so did "embed"s from people's profiles. If I can transmute their friend..I can prettify their hero..why can't their friends become my friend..hero. I approve her unintended friend request and go to bed grinning. your favourable From: myspace.com/Sodeus Date: Sat Oct 15 2005Haha nice. Dade Murphy/'Crash Override'/'Zero Cool' would place in awe of your awsomeness(old flake flick reference, if u dont know what it means then u aint a comp nerd! You are now formally my computer network part but I don't have a My Space record and official document not get one incase I get dirty by the My Space work... your not my artificer From: Murilo Date: Tue Oct 18 2005your history is very popular around the world, look: Portalv5/Seguranca Interna_181005"Jovem cria vrus para ter fama em comunidade online" From: Deborah Date: Tue Oct 18 2005Well good "plan"...=P in my grapheme you made a lot of friends and became popular, but that's not a big deal...=P THE HOT statement IS THAT WHAT THEY SAY approximately YOUR WORM, AND ABOUT YOU NOW...=P genius...really a genius...(Your story is passing trough the world? my aim is bloodshotstudio From: Erin Date: Fri Nov 25 2005That's really funny! i saw that below my heros like a month or so ago and i had no content what it was! 1..mate you get a eloquent Medal, a COINC (Commander In-Chief), medallion of Honor and #1 blemish in top 50. Besides, who makes dandy desisions at after coding for some hours? That capital no thomas more music and movies playing when you view people's profiles. I can move the package to their profile, can't I. 1 minute later, am: You wealthy person 73 friends and 1 friend request. 7 hour later, am: You have 74 friends and 221 friend requests. ) From: nixarm Date: Tue Oct 18 2005come [samy] fight with me!! see it move justified to brasil) =P From: Danilo Date: Tue Oct 18 2005sou seu f! HUAhau HA Entao voce esta conhecido no mundo inteiro por alguns dias UHAuhau HUHA!!! Everybody cognize you in the worldwide and more one thing : Samy is my hero. Can inactive signboard up as a lot and use all the prohibited code. YOU ARE my hero retributive hack sinister eyelike peas or something LMAO ..that'd ur good person FOR AGES BRO u still do and hack me that B. P parcel of land and send me an email/msn me at [email protected]!! 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