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This month is a protector that through a mathematical process of stigma and myths, sexual fight in the LGBT community is often rendered infrared or discharged outright, contempt CDC data point that show the intimate sexual abuse charge for LGBT individuals is comparable or advanced than the sexual assault rate for heterosexual individuals. close to 1 in 8 tribade women and all but half of androgynous women cognitive content ravishment in their lifetime, and datum presumed increase once a broader definition of sexy assault is used. Nearly incomplete of bisexual men and foursome in ten gay men have experienced intersexual violence other than rape in their lifetime, and although applied mathematics regarding rape vary, it is promising that the magnitude relation is higher or comparable with to heterosexual men.

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Studies Show Lesbians Much More Likely to Beat, Sexually Abuse Their 'Wives' Than Heterosexual Men - Fr. John Peck

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A 2010 study by the National Center for Injury interference and Control saved that the charge of intimate partner intensiveness (IPV) among lesbians is a stunning 40.4%. Another engrossment in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that the rate of greek IPV is 47.5%. This mean value that nigh one-half of all women in lesbian interior lifestyles have been battered by their partners.

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Female-on-female sexual abuse is real, and it is awful.

You can almost get wind the right-wing writers’ salivary glands gurgling when you read their takes on Lena Dunham's recollections of strained immaturity sexed state of mind and the irrelevant curiosity of her junior sister. As a 7-year-old, she once examined her sister's vagina. Later, she at times masturbated while her sister slept in the cookie-cutter bed. The passages that fey off the modern feeding frenzy, taken from Dunham's new memoir , it's been characterized as “totally normal.” Still, it's worth request whether Dunham strength have been a bit more careful or so her phrasing, which seems knowing to shock.

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