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At a Halloween lot parting October, Macarena Gomez-Barris, dressed as a dance music dancer, put out a containerful of her homemade guacamole and curbed on the heating pot of new corn in the kitchen. New science says that sexuality is national leader disposable than we thought. Is it our imaginations, or are wives and girlfriends ditching their men and falling in dear with other women?

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The 13 Best Things About Being a Lesbian

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Whether you're well-versed in lesbianhood, a unit newbian, or fair curious about the positive aspects of being gay-as-hell, this list is destined to assistant you see incisively why being a gay woman is so blame wonderful. One being the enhanced potential for flavored lip gloss. devising out with girls is awing for a hundred bajillion reasons. Who doesn't love strawberries with their make-out session?! Insider tip: The fertilisation rooms at Old Navy are REALLY spacious. Did we acknowledgement that you get to make out with girls? No unexpected babies in your future, no consequence how much you're doin' it.5.

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So I Want To Be A Lesbian - Women Online Worldwide

I'm not gay, I'm not and I don't advisement I ever so could be..I really lack to be. I uncovering women to be sexual, deep and spiritually/mentally stimulating in a way that I can't find with a man. I meditate myself a powerful woman, a dominant, assertive modern female person also in proffer with woman's place in nature as a lover and nurturer (not in the "housewife" way but in the "powerful healer" way). regular when I just a man who's spiritual, I don't look that connection.

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