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The common dad antic goes "Hi hungry, I'm dad" because the parent is saying salutation to human onymous hungry, but the youngster is retributive vocalization he's hungry. The joke state that since they're a gay couple, they person two dads, therefore "we're dad". A bear cat walks into a bar and says to the barkeep ' I'll have a Scotch and .

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What we know about lesbian and gay parenting: Making sense of the studies.

Last week a new study was published, last that Dutch adolescents with lesbian moms “showed no big differences” from their peers with opposite-sex parents. This week, another new study was published, closing the opposite: “Emotional problems were over doubly as prevalent … for children with same-sex parents than for children with opposite-sex parents.” The new look into is timely, because the Supreme Court will hear spoken arguments on same-sex marriage this spring, and last time it looked at this issue, in 2013, questions arose about the impact of gay marital status on children.

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