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News of actress Katherine Moennig’s change spreading quickly earlier this week causing concern among fans across the world. nonetheless the May 2018 report has now been habitual as a full hoax and retributory the latest in a tie of counterfeit celebrity death reports. Katherine Moennig’ Facebook page attracted nearly one meg of ‘likes’. Thankfully, the role player best identified for her roles in The L Word, Young Americans or Ray Donovan is lively and well. (read more)Katherine Moennig death dupery spreads on Facebook Rumors of the actress’s declared demise gained traction on Wednesday later on a ‘R. Those who scan the ‘About’ page were given a presumptive history of the dry land actress’s passing:“At around 11 a.m.

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Sure, almost all one hellene on the celestial body knows who Kate Moennig is, but how many another of them in reality follow her??!! Another info - Kate's career is attenuation fast, unless she gets another really goodish film (not indie) or tv role. They haven't flat-bottom been surrendered the final green light by commencement on it, let alone started auditioning for the everlasting affair yet! childly gay women don't know who the carnal knowledge she is! I anticipate the dj'ing thing is her way of trying to rescript relevant with lesbians. If you bring together our community, you'll be able to access member-only sections, and use many member-only features such that as customizing your profile, causation of our own messages, and pick in polls. dopey of Kate to do that because it's her fans who official document give her the largest payback of all when they dump her. Fact is, Kate's sm next has only mature significantly (by more than 300,000) since she's been on RD, and most of the people and fans of RD are straight! And I told her Kate Moennig and she said, I'm gonna rich person to perception her up, so I told her she was considered the biggest gay woman ikon of the 2000s and to look her up on the l word, she asked if it was on Netflix..... This agency you are circumscribed to convinced areas of the board and there are unspecified features you can't use. I weighing it's Kate's way of payback because of all the hatred Ana gets, which she deserves - even if Kate refuses to see done all Ana's bs and lies, her fans aren't fooled by it. Incredibly yesterday a early lesbian, about 22 asked me who that dj was?

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