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But I love his assistant who is perpetually spooked and bug-eyed. Zak is hot until he opens his mouthpiece - and all that Bro shit is just sooo burned-out and put on. On one of the show, Zak had to tread through a shake snake troubled hill.

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There is a ghost adventures fan netmail addy, not sure what that is but i detected zak's gmail is zbagans4realproductions at gmail dot com.

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Is Marcy DeLaTorre Zak Bagans' Real Girlfriend? Or, is Zak Bagans Gay

Zak Bagans with a doll at that place are some fan fictions around Zak Bagans on Wattpad. Marcy Delatorre is Zak Bagan's girlfriend, yes you detected us right, but only as a unreal trait in the book titled ‘My existence as a Zak Bagans girlfriend promulgated on Wattpad. at that place is no actual person called Marcy De La Torre, she is a fibre created by Casey Rose.

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