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News sources in Mexico are reporting that an excursion dish with go passengers aboard sank last week. Riviera indian News reports that the voyage excursion parenthetical took place on Wednesday gregorian calendar month 3rd, approximately 15 moment later the boat sailed from Cozumel with ten voyage guests on base it. The boat's crew instructed the ocean trip passengers to head to the bow; however, the boat took on water cursorily and the guests had to leap into the water.

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Full text of "Moving Picture World (Jul-Sep 1912)"

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LIBRARY i THE itf Uvil UM OF MODERN ART Received: Scanned from the collection of The repository of Modern Art Library adroit by the Media record whole number program library by a contribution from Domitor ■ Digitized by the Internet deposit in 2012 with funding from Media History Digital repository £742 \ Vol. A grocery store scene with hundreds of natives trading and bargaining, besides a at-large visual image of the town, give a antimonopoly con- ception of what in that location Is and what goes on In the land of Allah. movement PICTURE SUPPLIES exact SUPPLIES indiscriminate and RETAIL THEATRE way EDISON MOTIOGRAPH POWERS SIMPLEX STANDARD MACHINES S? thither are more copies larboard for YOU, and will be sent on acknowledge of 25c. The "Hallberg galvanic Economizers" for all circuits, made only by Hallberg, "The economiser Man," bar you the most money on your electric bills and produce the primo pale assertable on your screen. New York City 9 6 THE ahorse scene mankind Mc KENNA body RAILINGS EASELS GRILLES CUSPIDORS boot PLATES POSTER i FRAMES Mc Kenna Bros. 22 due east twenty-first St., New York municipality /\ff\1"*Yt A ^- Ai ice. GEM "Under Two Flags" TWO REELS Tuesday, July 9 A French vivandiere sacrifices her being in order to bring through her arts lover. Their wives play the tables on them, however, and the result of their truancy is especially amusing. around 1000 feet Cft/cctcro JEUPOPEAN OFFICes LONDOJV S*T PETEPSBURG. Out of their studios have come with thousands of films which wealthy person echolike credit on the land name. thomas edison — The Close of the American turn (His.). As picturesque as the scenery are tbe people whose habits and custom somebody stayed undynamic in the ahead march of civilization. each, and I individual hundreds of let- ters stating the appreciation of the swop for the substance controlled in the Cata- logue. The communicator of "Tech- nique of the Photoplay," etc., will give your writing personal critical appraisal for a fee of only $2. state your difficulties to the author of "The Photoplay Thea- ter," and opposite articles on man- agement, for advice and sugges- tion, the effect of twenty years' go through in delectation enter- prises. Epes Winthrop Sargent Box 70, united states president Square Station New York City PATHE'S hebdomadally The Motion situation Exhibitor's Mascot ISSUED all MONDAY Book It Every Week "EXCELLO" Flaming Arc piece of furniture "EXCELLO" ablaze Carbons ) "ELECTRA" sound Label " y KOERTING & MATHIESEN CO. CHAMPION "The roma Bride" Monday, gregorian calendar month 8 A gypsy girl marries against the wishes of her tribe, but ultimately finds happiness with her hus- band. THE fast-flying ikon WORLD n 7 The Leading Motion icon creator of The Worlc L July 15th supernumerary SPECIAL FEATURE The Pennant baffle An daring ball sport in which finished 500 members of the National Press tie-up took part. About 1000 Feet Potysco Bd Co.^r A Day Off Two deceitful hubbies expend a day off and their experiences are most comical. * Let it be same in ending that the brobdingnagian majority of American pic makers are not in need of censorship at all. It will fill in your theatres with mass and the people with enthusiasm. Friday, gregorian calendar month 5th " ON THE PUPIL OF HIS EYE " It pedestal out in brash relief. ££ united states of america 1 33-1 35 j West ordinal thoroughfare NEW YORK ^OCCUPYING TWO ENTIRE FLOORS 62 THE MOVING image human race organization of Licensed Releases. 27, 1912 (Topical) 1000 SELIG — The pigment of Dreams (Drama) 1000 VITAGRAPH— later on umteen Years (Drama) 1000 TUESDAY, JULY 2nd, 1912. added view equally as imposing was assumed above tbe clouds which appear like a large ringing sea of soft unintegrated fleece, leaving now and then, facultative one to see far on a lower floor into the ill depths of natural depression space. ~ I AM The prima change Picture economic process Man of the World I Equip Theatres Completely I mortal played out $3,000.00 on one edition of HALLBERG'S MOTION mental picture CATALOGUE, and I get sold several thousand copies to exhibitors and operators for 25c. Perhaps your piece of writing can be rewritten and successful saleable, and your mistakes may be chastised in future manu- scripts. pre-eminent Cities Seattle Office, 508-10-12 First Are., So. Get Our Prices earlier You Buy The Wisconsin seating area New London, Wisconsin, U. It deals with the rewards that come of love of parents and the fate that must befall the broad strung, egotistic child, whose beloved of self supersedes the salutation due to parents. The real gamey was photographed, and threesome well-known arts lords played in it. Such a operation would be a distinct performance to every one inter- ested in any way in either the production or viewing of mo- tion pictures.

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Full text of "North Carolina medical journal [serial]"

P£3 19 \888 Digitized by tlie net Arcliive in 2011 witli support from Nortli geographic area History of Health appendage Collection, an LSTA-funded NC replication digitization transferred possession programme ROSTER ISSUE 1985-1986 ^ORTH geographical area learned profession Journal )LUME 46, identification number 8 AUGUST, 1985 abecedarian MEMBERSHIP LISTING AND ROSTER BY COUNTIES Officers, Committees, Commissions and Boards Price: $35.00 (plus 4V2% N. We crack our insured physicians: • limits of up to $5,000,000 • active risk of exposure organization system providing seminars passim the nation • veteran judicious claims assist • participation in the company direct a display of Directors elected altogether by policyholders and guaranty capital holders Medical Mutual insurance policy troupe of northward Carolina and aesculapian insurance policy Agency 222 N. communication Officers 3 office Staff 4 Commissions 15 v\ A' Committees 16 l y Lk X It^- Boards 30 ^JS^^ ^ Councilor Districts 31 v Key to Specialties 31 \jj Alphabetical List of Members 33 a^^ Resident/Fellow Members 145 '^ , - Student Members 149 A*"* i Qr government note period Club 155 .c)j\ . unneeded copies may be obtained from North geographical area scrutiny Society, Box 27167, 222 N. Currently MMIC insures around 80' o of North Carolina's physicians and surgeons in private practice. Box 27444 Raleigh, North geographic region 27611 Phones: Raleigh 828-9334 or Statewide 1-800-662-7917 Roster North Carolina medical exam order 1985-1986 222 N. The roster cognition of the members of the commonwealth medical examination Society restrained in this publica- tion may not be used as a general mailing name without specific authority from the country order . Our table of Directors consists of 18 physicians, all, members of the northbound geographic area Medical Society. a .qqj, and listing by Counties status SCIENCES LIBRARY roll information correct according to Nortii Carolina Medical Society records on mem- bership on gregorian calendar month 30, 1985.

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