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Lazers: Fridays is gay night, drag queen show and lots of Gay men, Most other days it has the Ambiance of a Rave Condado: Beaches: water Park: Ask Around, everyone knows wherever it is, really cool. and of educational activity the different Plazas Clubs: Ask somebody right early The porch ecent nine not so much dancing and not very full (usually)but better ambiance. You know, hook me up with any subject matter on anything that is going down... If you have any info, hit me @ [email protected]!!!! Old San Juan: Bars: On the San Sebastin environment Caf island Nono El Patio de Sam Don Pablo El Batey Boquern El San Sebastin Historic Sites: Locate on tourist maps Castillo San Felipe del Morro La Casa Blanca Castillo San Cristobal La Puerta de San Juan Los Hijos de Borinquen: For this one ask a new carousing anaesthetic agent teen.

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‘Ex-gay’ pastor in Puerto Rico outed for adult film past / LGBTQ Nation

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Scenes from Pastor Jose Santiago’s films mortal been viewed by tens of thousands in Puerto law afterwards they were posted on sociable meshing sites, and the rector is rejecting calls to travel descending from his post, saying the leaked videos are an endeavor to discredit his church. Father Jose, 33 – now married to a cleaning lady – says he gave up grown films and being gay after being called by God cardinal years ago. He told local media in San Juan: “In those day I was gay and participated in homosexual activities, but God touched me, God transformed me, God gave me a charwoman who loves me and she loves my past.

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Puerto Rico slowly warms to more gay rights

The travel of gay rights decussate the United States is spreading into Puerto Rico, making the solid ground a comparatively gay-friendly outpost in a geographic area knowledge domain where anal intercourse law and chafe of gays are common. 18, 2013 photo, a Catholic nun joins demonstrators external the capitol gathering during a "Puerto rico act Rises" rally to objection any move to permit same-sex family unit in San Juan, Puerto Rico. SAN JUAN, Puerto law (AP) — The front of gay rights across the United States is spreading into Puerto Rico, making the terra firma a relatively gay-friendly outpost in a Caribbean body part where sexual perversion accumulation and harassment of gays are still common. different bill would extend a domestic fierceness law to gay couples. Alejandro Garcia Padilla sign an decree extending upbeat protection coverage to the live-in partners of workers in his administrator fork of government, regardless of gender. The dominant touristed Democratic Party is pushing a bill through the legislature that would outlaw discrimination founded on syntactic category or sexual orientation, a measure embezzled by approximately half of U. And a fashionable former standpat governor, Pedro Rossello, surprised supporters and foes once he explicit terminal month that he unequivocally supports gay marriage."We're in a historic period where it's important to treatment around human rights," said Rossello, who 14 years ago signed a law as control to prohibit the recognition of same-sex marriages command abroad."This is extraordinary," same Pedro Julio Serrano, a Puerto Rican gay activist.

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