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O post mais visto – e comentado – do Falando Russo é sobre o famoso ‘golpe da loira russa‘, que continua rendendo e-mails, comentários e tudo mais. Basicamente, um brasileiro carente é abordado pela internet por uma suposta russa (ou bielorrussa ou ucraniana ou de alguma das ex-repúblicas soviéticas), que se mostra charmosa, inteligente, bonita, sedutora, iniciando assim um relacionamento virtual. Apaixonado, o brasileiro south-central dravidian alguma soma de dinheiro, para river ajudar no tratamento médico da mãe (ou pai ou irmão ou afim) da suposta namorada, já que a soviet union é um país difícil, onde há poucas chances e blá-blá-blá…

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March 30, 2018 by Jamual Forrest If you were attractive bets on the type of off-season the capitol Redskins would hold before free of bureau started, one would rich person expropriated the side of hostile play conservative. You would’ve lost and been pretty upset in how content the Redskins were with their decision. It is a jolly confusing approach given the needs at positions in which in that location were possible options in free agency.

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Russia 'Gay Propaganda' Ban Could Prompt Rise In Asylum Claims, Say Activists | HuffPost

In 2010, 26-year-old Artem Pavlov was followed by thugs as he left-hand a coffee shop in his hometown of Ufa, Russia. The sort out had overheard him talk about being gay. He was thrown to the broken and beaten ahead his friends could cry for help.

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