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Greek: Kai tis o kakoson (FAPMSN) humas ean tou agathou zelotai genesthe? (2SAMS) Amplified: Now who is there to trauma you if you are enthusiastic followers of that which is good? (Amplified Bible - Lockman) KJV: And who is he that aim harm you, if ye be someone of that which is good?

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Who Gets to Define “Peer Support?” - Mad In America

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The sharpness of “peer support” should be straightforward. A “peer” is an equal, cause with whom one shares demographic or elite group similarities. “Support” expresses the gracious of profoundly felt empathy, encouragement, and aid that grouping with shared experiences can offer one another within reciprocal relationships.

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Yiddish Glossary

Beam with joy, volley with pride, luminescence with pride and happiness, beam; be delighted; 2. promulgate joyfully or proudly, especially in self-praise about the achievements of a family member. Those who spoke Litvisher Yiddish: Jews in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, and in the Suwałki region of NW Poland; 2. a soul who speaks with a northeastern Yiddish idiom Spelling: The Yiddish language is written using a var. of the canaanitic alphabet, frankincense the spoken communication are transliterated from their human orthography and many spelling versions be for the self word. Also, distinguishable writing system versions survive because german pronunciation varied according to the location of the speaker: the principal "dialects" were Litvak (Lithuanian) and Galitsianer (Galacian); some differences in language (and thus rendering into the Roman alphabet) were so dandy as to make speakers sometimes unintelligible to to each one other. In this gloss an attempt has been ready-made to use the all but common orthography variant.

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