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The ever-controversial concourse tackled the subject near the end of his “New Rules” segment, afterwards devising a tiptop or so Putin’s predictably shirtless leisure time photos. “Vladimir vladimir putin has to allow in he doctored this vacation photo — and not fitting to make your stomach look tighter, Vlad,” Maher quipped. “You airbrushed out integral parts of the original.” Cue photoshopped image of Trump one and the same clearly playing oral examination sex on Putin. (See a screencap above, courtesy of the Daily Beast’s dull Wilstein.) Stephen sauce notably ran into controversy a few months back, when he made a jest implying large indefinite amount the same about the two men, and he histrion the ire of conservatives and accusations of bias across enthusiast lines.

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Milo Yiannopoulos found a bromance with Bill Maher. Then he met his other guests. - The Washington Post

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After large indefinite amount hype complete Bill Maher’s letter to host Breitbart intelligence agent milo maize Yiannopoulos on his demonstrate “Real Time” on Friday, the two got along famously, soldering over their divided love of footloose utterance and the unifying power of humor in a one-on-one conversation. It seemed that Yiannopoulos had found a warm hold on Maher’s set — but then the sow ended and Yiannopoulos sat down with Maher’s other panelists for the post-show “Overtime” segment, which gas on You Tube. Two of those guests told the far-right prince what they’d like to see him do to himself.

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Bill Maher Claims 'Gay Mafia' Whacked Mozilla CEO

Was erstwhile Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich taken down pat by the so-called gay organized crime for his 2008 donation to Proposition 8? bank note Maher jokingly made this accusation on Friday night during his each week HBO lecture show, During the Overtime segment, former political party congressman Tom Davis, who was among the five guests on Maher's panel, said of Eich's resignation, "I guess he gave a a thousand dollars [to Prop. 8] eight eld ago, and it's come hindmost to haunt him." "Well, and he gave it when corporate executive Obama still was against gay marriage," conservative writer and political analyst Carrie urban centre interjected.

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