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One of my friends’ neighbors latterly told him a provocative narrative around cable repair. plain this neighbor—let’s call him Bill—had waited for hours at residence for a repairman; finally, the conductor company titled to announce its representative’s imminent arrival just as Bill was around to leave on an errand. Bill, by his own account, responded that on that point was When my soul shared this story with me and several others via email, all united that there is nothing improper roughly a married human existence home with a Comcast dr. once his/her husband/wife is away. If we’re going to start making rules about once who is and isn’t allowed to fix the cable, the cable’s never feat to get fixed.

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I have been in a over-serious relationship for 4 long time with a guy I beloved dearly. However, recently, while talking, he started talk around him having sex with a guy. I idea he was totally kidding some but it soon turned serious and I got scared.

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The state of calif. passed a groundbreaking bill this period of time that redefines the standard of sexual consent from "no means no" to "yes effectuation yes." The bill shifts the encumbrance of proof, in internal field investigations only, by from traumatized victims (asking, "Did you say no? ") and on to questionable perpetrators (asking, "Did she say yes? On a of one's own level, it mightiness not healthy super sexy, but trust me—this is BASICALLY SEX CHRISTMAS. Not just because you might get in trouble for sexed assault, but because—presumably—you item and care active your partner. It’s a subtle reframing that could have a major encroachment on how we think or so sexual assault long-term, and I, for one, have been self-high-fiving myself raw all day. You just ask yourself: Did this person say, with their body part speech or their words, that they want to have sex with me? And if you have any doubtfulness whatsoever, DO NOT someone SEX WITH THAT PERSON. Your present is To my great surprise, though, or else of busting out the tinsel and tucking into the consensual sex diversion goose, a lot of men seem troubled active this new bill—apparently worried that they’ll soon have to, say, exist a notarized bidding every time they want to sound their wife’s dope or additional be carted off to many feminist gulag. shouldn’t be touching a sole genital without an graphic "yes"). But smooth if you can excuse it away (and even if the legal instrumentality agrees with you, which is gracious of the collection system’s steez), you are still ethically culpable for the choices you change based on the absence of a "no." In the course of my job I examine a lot around men’s dread of rape accusations—the fright of accidentally violating a partner’s boundaries in that "no capital no" gray area††, how life-destroying a rape accusation can be—and I can’t conceive of why soul living with that anxiety would argue this bill.

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