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How did “quite perchance the funniest joke ever conceived” come about? Bill Hader explained it all once he appeared this calendar week with host Ron town for an natural event of dog star XM’s Unmasked. Bill Hader spent eight seasons as a regular on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

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"Gay Fish" a parody of the opus "Heartless" by Kanye West, featured in the episode, "Fishsticks". An extended version of the song is available unexpurgated to transfer on the southeast parcel of land Studios website. move on I've been so unsocial girl I've been so sad and mastered Couldn't sympathize my head is joked about I wanted to be free With another creatures same me Now I got my wish Cause I know that I'm a gay someone Gay someone [x2] Gay fish, yo. Gay pisces [x2] I'm a mortal yo expiration on a gay mortal It's fine girl Makin' physical attraction to separate gay fish Gay fish Uhh... You're a rapper Yes An bourgeois Yes And you like fishsticks Yea I like fishsticks You're a gay fish Hey man, I'm a genius, alright? On these Lonely nights at the mart store In the glaciated pisces isle, feeling like a sporting lady movement I wasn't be'in right you know everyone said that i had to make a controller Gay fish Now I know that I'm a gay fish Gay person [x2] Gay person yo yeast fuckin' gay fish.

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