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D A I'm the solitary gay eskimo, Bm G I'm the but one I know, D A I'm the exclusively gay eskimo-o, Bm G In my tribe, D A I go out seal hunting with my best somebody Tarka, Bm G But all I wanna do is get into his parka, D A I'm the only gay eskimo-o, Bm G In my tribe, D A Well, me and Nuckfluck Chuckbuck, we both like blubber, Bm G But me I've got this screwball fetish for rubber, D A I'm the entirely gay eskimo-o, Bm G In my tribe, Ch-k-chss, [Ch-k-chss] D A I make a greeting on the northern lights, Bm G That I could discovery a decent pair of whaleskin tights, D A I'm the entirely gay eskimo-o, Bm G In my tribe, And the seals they sing now: (ad. lib seal sounds) (MAIS RÁPIDO) D A These cold winter nights are taking their toll, Bm G I smooth get stimulated once I see the North Pole,(NA PARTE DO :"when I see the North Pole" See the northeastward Pole... FICA MAIS LENTO) D A I'm the only gay eskimo, (only gay eskimo) Bm G I'm the exclusive one I know, (I'm the just one I know-ho-ho-ho) D A I'm the only gay eskimo, Bm G In my tribe, (spoken:) Now comparable the proclaimers would sing it: (À PARTIR DESSA PARTE É RUDO IGUAL D, Bm, G... SÓ MUDA A VELOCIDADE (sung:)I'm the only gay eskimo, (only only only only) E O JEITO DE CANTAR E TOCAR, I'm the only one I know, MAS OUVINDO A MÚSICA DÁ PRA PEGAR!

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I’ve been interpretation Games and Songs of American Children by William Wells Newell, a Dover offprint of the 1903 edition. I find it entrancing how games are transmitted from generation to generation, games like “Tag”, “Button electric switch who has the button? ” These games are not learned from teachers in a school, or read in a book, or typically equal taught from parents. For the to the highest degree part they are familial from kid to child, from an older sibling, or a peer, through the most occasional pathways.

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