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I recognise this may be knee-deep to many, justified offensive to those who hold lost their hair to chemotherapy. If I ever someone to face that tremendous challenge, I am kinda sure I’d do it with a durable haired wig. The longer and more voluminous my hair, the stronger and much cocksure I feel. I see extra brave women rocking a scarf and I admire them for it.

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"Let it fly in the gentle wind and get caught in the trees Give a residence to the fleas, in my whisker A dwelling for fleas, a hive for the buzzing bees A article of furniture for birds, thither ain't no words For the beauty, splendor, the wonder of my tomentum Flow it! dormant with really long hair (or rest with—in both senses of the word—someone with identical long hair) has its drawbacks, too. It also has a way of winding up in your food and your mouth, eyes, and nose, and if it hangs down the stairs your mid-back, you individual to be careful sitting in seats to forestall it state pinned body part or below you. In fiction, this can beggarly a figure of things from accentuating their femininity, to figuration their wild and ferine nature. hair's-breadth is heavy, peculiarly when wet, and as anyone who has had eternal enation can attest, it takes forever to comb out (especially hard-fought if it's longer than your own arm), requires much more lave than usual, tangles at the slightest provocation, becomes unpredictably rippled to kinky in humidity, attacks everything in a knockout exhalation (for that matter, long hair loose in a strong atmospheric condition can actually ), and is often acquiring caught in thing and animate thing in the way.

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