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Chain smoking Marlboro Red 100s in a shiny atomic number 79 leotard, I taunt you astir how my black tar-filled lungs turning you on. It's not my full-blooded pink kitty that gets you off, but my dry, diseased, malignant lungs. I arouse you to splay unsealed my thorax like you would a deuce of legs and proposition your hard pecker on my sticky dark organ subsequently the cancer has had its way with me. Now cum for my afro-american lungs and make a pearly-white white-hot pool on the charred, angry landscape painting beneath my ribs.

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Here you can get a cloud of smoke precise in your face or even best beautiful mistresses volition tobacco while hardly lashing you. And youll sure enjoy fresh ash of the mistresss fag descending on your feculent ass So enter to see what smoking mistresses do with their slaves. When close to this salacious mistress don't challenge to say that you don't smoking and detest people who do! And hearing specified words she'll do her best (if only we could say her worst) smothering you with her smoke and perfervid with her aflare ash!

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Fetish for being burned by a lit cigarette and having smoke blown in my face by girls - The Student Room

I get turned on by the fantasy of having a hot female person who smokes hurt me with a lit smoke and also blow smoke baccy in my face (while we're kissing and making love, etc). She'd basically dab the lit fag onto my skin from instant to time and happening smoke in my face, olibanum getting me aroused. Is this a weird fetish or is it quite tame compared to some?

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