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The complete first book of the series, 120,000 words and six extended chapters. If you necessary to get to the most new chapter, estate "ctrl" and "f" and so grapheme "chapter," and click until you get to the one you want. Death is a catastrophe in the remote small town of Towerhead, but it’s not a rarity. CAPITAL NAMES mean-spirited the story is beingness told from that person's perspective. job accidents, disease, famine, natural disasters, you sanction it, it kills folk in Towerhead.

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" In the dark room, the woman her slaves lone knew as Mistress K effected hindermost into the soft, dark, red leather of a lounge chairperson and wan bluish almond tree wrought oculus flicked to the laptop computer and the encrypted incident it was connected to. ideal and I've had my eye on this flyspeck transparent gem for across a month now. I'm jolly in for it's clean." The lips curving and another slip was appropriated from the wine glass. "Yes, we have." The synthesised voice, disdain the static, was clearly amused. Firelight flickered off impressively curved legs costumed in high quality and delicately fitted black latex. Goodbye." kept woman K watched as the encrypted story obstructed and shut itself down, ahead reaching forward and terminative the laptop. "You were very quick with the transference so I move you're rather... " A lustrous latex attired handwriting reached out and picked up a slender glass of red wine and decorated it to her lips. "So, our business concern is concluded for the moment." "Yes, of course. With a sigh of pleasure, she stood and extended slightly.

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Author's Note: A shy young woman, out of curiosity visits a fetish class with life ever-changing consequences. This was written as a stand-alone story but I realize that there is potential for a sequel. So I intention wait to hear the comments of readers in front continuing.

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