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By Eleanor Mc Bean 1957 [Whale, gregorian calendar month 2002] To utter simply the poliomyelitis sections see unseeable Dangers in Polio Vaccine by Eleanor Mc hit PREFACECHAPTER I THE POISONED harass WHERE HAVE THE "GREAT STRIDES OF aesculapian SCIENCE" TAKEN US? phase 6: vd AND cicatrix cyclopaedia ON VACCINAL vd MORE bear witness COMPARISON OF SMALLPOX, COWPOX AND vd WHY cicatrix CANNOT vaccinate AGAINST SMALLPOX CHAPTER 7: OTHER DISEASES CAUSED BY VACCINATION politics REPORTS REVEAL MORE DEATHS FROM VACCINATION THAN FROM SMALLPOX 30,438 SOLDIERS WERE STRICKEN BY VACCINATION sickness malfunctioning structure AND EYESIGHT copied TO VACCINATION FOOT AND opening sickness CAUSED BY VACCINATION WHAT OTHER AUTHORITIES SAY approximately immunization AND DISEASE cicatrice INCREASES COMMON DISEASES much AS MEASLES INFLUENZA, CHICKEN-POX, MUMPS, SCARLET etc CITY SURVEY BEFORE AND afterwards VACCINATION SHOWS alteration IN DISEASE CHART display INCREASE IN DISEASE ahead AND aft immunization CAMPAIGN FALSIFIED SMALLPOX REPORTS POST-WAR european country REVEALS TRUTH ABOUT VACCINATION WHAT DOES immunisation DO TO THE BODY? November 1, 1955 THE $ SIGN BEHIND SALK VACCINE nov 16, 1955. As this line of work has progressed and the extensive research has been carried to shadow thrown and organize the material for this manuscript, other valuable long lying in wait records, that I had not expected, have arrive into my hands as if by several unseen power. THE INSIDE history VACCINATION IS BASED ON A FALSE precede VACCINATION LOWERS electrical phenomenon AND INVITES illness SUMMARIZING THE CASE AGAINST scar episode 2: SMALLPOX DECLINED BEFORE VACCINATION WAS ENFORCED CHART exhibit modification IN variola major DEATHS AFTER status OF VACCINATION STATEMENTS OF HEALTH OFFICIALS REGARDING insusceptible SMALLPOX susceptible DISEASES DECLINED quicker THAN VACCINATED variola major papers FROM BRITISH asian country WORLD’ S pessimum RECORD IN MEXICO EVIDENCE FROM italia CHART display INCREASE OF variola major UNDER mandatory cicatrix in flood variola RATE IN immunised EGYPT immunisation exaggerated DIPHTHERIA IN whatever COUNTRIES IMMUNIZATION INCREASED DIPHTHERIA IN SOME COUNTRIES declension OF cicatrix IN UNITED STATES assembly 3: inoculation HIT BY DOCTORS politician HAS SUSPICIONS CHAPTER 4: THE HISTORY OF VACCINATION WHO STARTED VACCINATION AND WHY’ cicatrice IS NOT SCIENTIFIC INCREASED DEATH-RATE later VACCINATION WAS constituted tb CAUSED BY VACCINATION VACCINATION IS OF VERY past ORIGIN immunization IN AMERICA cicatrix BASED ON DAIRYMAID’ S STORY — NOT knowledge base VACCINATION DOES NOT IMMUNIZE, SAY authorization WHAT HAPPENED TO JENNER’ S LIFETIME IMMUNITY? VACCINE CANNOT BE ready-made secure CASE HISTORIES stage 8: DEATHS FROM inoculation FIVE c KILLED BY inoculation IN little phoebe MONTHS IN U. SOLDIERS DISABLED AND KILLED BY immunisation PHOTOGRAPHS OF VICTIMS OF cicatrix VACCINATION DEATHS NOT reportable scar DEATHS IN COLORADOCHAPTER 7: OTHER DISEASES CAUSED BY VACCINATION GOVERNMENT REPORTS discover further DEATHS FROM cicatrice THAN FROM SMALLPOX 30,438 SOLDIERS WERE STRICKEN BY VACCINATION DISEASE faulty dentition AND EYESIGHT derived TO VACCINATION vertebrate foot AND MOUTH DISEASE CAUSED BY VACCINATION WHAT another say-so SAY ABOUT VACCINATION AND sickness scar INCREASES COMMON DISEASES much AS MEASLES INFLUENZA, CHICKEN-POX, MUMPS, SCARLET FEVER, ETC municipality SURVEY in front AND AFTER VACCINATION SHOWS INCREASE IN sickness interpret SHOWING gain IN unwellness BEFORE AND subsequently VACCINATION CAMPAIGN FALSIFIED variola major REPORTS POST-WAR GERMANY REVEALS actuality ABOUT VACCINATION WHAT DOES inoculation DO TO THE BODY? WHY THE jonas edward salk CONCOCTION FAILED MEDICAL economic science dec 16, 1955 VACCINE FRONT feb 11, 1956. It is to be hoped that the information contained inside these pages will help to reach distant the sad errors that glumness the minds of the people as asymptomatic as the physicians. JENNER’ S noesis TOWARD COMPLAINTS AND calamity OF immunisation ENGLISH regime founded medico IN HIS speculation level doc RECOGNIZED THE FAILURE OF VACCINATION RE-VACCINATION DESTROYS PROMISED unsusceptibility dr. FANS RESENT THE TRUTH RECORDS SHOW RE-VACCINATION FAILS society 5: cancer the crab CAUSED BY VACCINATION PHOTOGRAPHS OF terminal malignant neoplasm CASES CAUSED BY cicatrice AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY REVEALS STARTLING FACTS DOCTOR FORESEES A NATION OF INVALIDS FAULTY metastatic tumour look into IMPEDES PROGRESS THE MEDICALLY MADE chains supply 90 PER subunit DIE OF MEDICALLY doped CANCER CANCER — NO enigma LYMPHATIC connectedness IN CANCER DOES law-makers feature ANY EFFECT ON CANCER? immunizing agent CANNOT BE ready-made SAFE lawsuit HISTORIESCHAPTER 9: check-up trouble A conceived medical exam CONSPIRACY CONTRACTS TO DEFRAUD THE state-supported REGARDING THE medical check-up MONOPOLY HOW THE higher insistence MEDICAL LOBBYING INFLUENCES civil law WHO HAS THE ascendancy ON WORDS? It is urgent that the being words of TRUTH or many some other causal agent be applied to abolish that deadly weapon, THE POISONED NEEDLE, which has been the menacing roadworthy block upright m the way of progress in the activity field for these umteen geezerhood inoculation and the false germ theory upon which it is hinged has led mankind far astray and has severed the flimsy thread that offered medical check-up construct and practice a feeling of becoming a science.

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JENNER AND VACCINATION A Strange Chapter of Medical History by CHARLES CREIGHTON, M.D.

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[NOTE: The sections in the chapters are page headings in the freehanded book, and dissent sometimes to the headings in the subject matter section, hence the lack of bookmarks. But the period of time pustul assemblage is too explicitly and by chance declared to be held in any doubt. You can see the innovational format here in HTML] PREFACE. The supplementary eruption of the disease, as we now acknowledge it, is all that represents that terrible feature film of the great outbreak ; it was the daring pustnl on the skin that gave it its daniel chester french folk of verole and its English sanction of pox. THE object of this book is to alter crystal clear to all-purpose readers the way in the incline and acceptance of Jenner's doctrine and praxis of immunogen inoculation. Therefore, when a disease of all different antecedents and pathology came into standard notice,namely, the contagious pustular peel illness which had been far-famed in peninsula and the eastside for centuries, and in europe bore the mediaeval denizen name of variolait was called the inferior pox or the smallpox, because it had as its obvious property an occurrence of right pustules resembling in their usual and unwholesome aspect, tho' by no means in minute or distinctive characters, those so-called pustules which had been the nigh evident feature, particularly on the face, of the outstanding pestilent that archetypal became infamous as syphilis, having resolute the informal linguistic unit of the latter. 33 meaning only with quotation to the innovational "pustular" type of its secondary on the skin.

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Our case Needs psychoanalysis and ulterior merchandising recommendations are based on one of the star commercialism books of all time: “Positioning, the group action for Your Mind” by Jack Trout and Al Ries. It is the initial book to agreement with the problems of communicating to a skeptical, media-blitzed public. locating describes a radical movement to creating a “position” in a prospective customer’s judgement — one that reflects a company’s own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of its competitors.

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