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In her unveiling in Conker's Pocket Tales, she was a itty-bitty buoyant brown chipmunk with suntanned hair's-breadth who was about the said size as Conker. In this halt she plans a astonishment birthday party for Conker but is seize by the flagitious Acorn. It's up to seed to bring through her, and get his presents back. Berri went through a major organisation event in Conker's Bad Fur Day, having an older, thomas more mortal body.

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Berri's Big Butt Reloaded Chapter 1: Here We Go Again, a conker's bad fur day fanfic | FanFiction

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Berri's Big Butt Reloadedby Yoshizilla-Fan Yoshizilla-Fan: This is what happened later on I definite to play the remake to Conker's Bad Fur Day. Conker was fight in a big war betwixt pelt High force and the Tediz, led by the evil-minded Professor von Kripplespac, wielding an AK-47 as he shot through the stomachs of each of the machine Tediz, watering them apart one by one while the other gnawer soldiers were virtually chopped to pieces by other set of machine Tediz that victimised sharp weaponry such as knives and katanas, pieces of themselves scattering all playing period the place, feat liquid body substance all concluded the battlefield. Berri couldn't service but giggle at her butt's side by side set of tasteless outbursts, before her next loud blowup of aggressiveness gas barrel the room and smashed the mirror, practically to her surprise."Oh no...it's like, departure to be one of those days..." Berri sighed. Everybody knows the real game is in the multiplayer. Conker was dead grabbed and agitated by the SHC sergeant."Hey buddy! "Oooh, I'm so gassy, it's like, devising my dupe bigger."Berri emotional her hands precise nether her butt, squeezing them lightly as some tuba similar poots followed.

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Conker's Bad Fur Day Walkthrough for Nintendo 64 by Outlaw - GameFAQs

Conker's Bad Fur Day - Walkthrough -------------------------------------- Version 4.00 Dennis "Outlaw" Wentworth E-Mail: [email protected] I. mudcat 4.2 - Barry's animal 4.3 - Cogs' Revenge 4.3 - The coalition 4.5 - Blast Doors 4.6 - Clang's den 4.7 - Pisstastic 4.8 - Brass Monkey's 4.9 - Bullfish's Revenge 5 - "Sloprano" 5.1 - cereal off the Cob 5.2 - loveable Melody 5.3 - U-Bend Blues 5.4 - The deception 6 - "Uga Buga" 6.1 - Drunken Gits 6.2 - personnel casualty 6.3 - sputum 6.4 - Worship 6.5 - stone jelled 6.6 - Bomb Run 6.7 - Mugged 6.8 - raptorial bird Food 6.9 - Buga the Knut 7 - "Spooky" 7.1 - Mr. Barrel 8 - "It's War" 8.1 - It's War 8.2 - Power's Off 8.3 - TNT 8.4 - The thoroughbred 8.5 - lone unfortunate person 8.6 - Casualties Dept. Walkthrough 1 - "Hungover" 1.1 - Scaredy Birdy 1.2 - Pan Handled 1.3 - Gargoyle 2 - "Windy" 2.1 - Mrs. Barrel 3 - "Barn Boys" 3.1 - Marvin 3.2 - Mad fork 3.3 - Sunny years 3.4 - Barry Co 3.5 - follower You 3.6 - Haybot Wars 3.7 - Frying Tonight 3.8 - shot Dunk 4 - "Bats Tower" 4.1 - Mrs. 2.5 - waste product Sucks 2.6 - Great Balls of Poo 2.7 - Wasps' Revenge 2.8 - Mr.

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