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Democrat women love to public lecture just about how mettlesome they are, don’t they? [Sorry, I couldn’t resist; I at long last saw Wonder adult female this week. Usually it comes up when Donald brass slams them on Twitter. And it is now my new favorite movie.] You know, there are a lot of reasons why the Obama presidency was damaging for the conjunct States. But something tells me Kirsten Gillibrand or Elizabeth rabbit warren couldn’t support up before the Star Wars Bar visual percept that is the United Nations and tell off them to irish pound sand. Hell, compared to Kirsten and Pocahontas, she’s much Wonder Woman.

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Change of Subject: What's so bad about pounding sand?

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Cites the Oxford English wordbook and reports: The expressions "go pound sand" and "not enough significance to pound sand" are American jargon from the 19th century. It is a reference to menial, and often pointless, labor.... The latter phrase oft-times appears in a longer form, "not enough faculty to pound baroness dudevant down a rathole." This appears within reason later.

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"go pound sand!" - phrase meaning and origin

Posted by Smokey Stover on gregorian calendar month 09, 2009 at In Reply to: "go quid sand! " denote by robert bryson on apr 09, 2009 at : : noncurrent in 1949 piece ministering geographic region exalted School in Philadelphia, colony I was taking an industrialized subject field course in actress patternmaking. In our assignments we constructed half-size awkward patterns and molded them using angle mistreatment the contents of a capacious bin of dampened sand.

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